Project management

We offer complex project management Services For developers, investors and tenants, from the initial preparatory stage to the realization of the work.

The Philosophy of our team is to offer the maximum quality of services, the scope and structure of which is tailored to the individual requirements of the project and effectively manage all the components that occur throughout the management process.

Equally important For us is the detailed information of the client for the entire duration of the project, so that it is able to take informed decisions on the basis of which we will perform the necessary steps in the framework of project management.

The Scope of services includes all phases of the project from the initial phase of design, preparation of technical documentation, authorisation process, implementation phase and final handover of the finished building to the client.

Project Management

Preparatory phase

  • Architectural design including standards settings
  • Ensuring the necessary authorisations
  • Documentation for selection of contractor incl. Statement of assessment and valuation
  • Contractor Selection
  • Contract for work

Project Management
Construction phase

  • Handover of construction site to Contractor
  • Construction Management
  • Price Management
  • Technical supervision
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Organisation of Control Days
  • Change Management
  • Check your billing
  • Quality control
  • Schedule of work
  • Organisation of all statutory construction controls
  • Comprehensive monthly reports for the client and bank

Project Management
Completion of the handover of works

  • List of defects and imperfections and ensure their elimination
  • System Testing and Commissioning
  • Documentation of actual execution and all related documents
  • Control of final invoicing, its compliance with the contract of work and detailed check of the volume of work performed
  • Training future maintenance, setting up an object maintenance plan

Engineering Activities

We provide the services of engineering activities relating to the issue of zoning decision, building permit and subsequently acceptance approval. It is an administratively-technical process that requires careful planning and detailed knowledge of standards, ordinances and, last but not least, the requirements of the State administration bodies. There Is a need for coordination between the client’s intent, project preparation, legal norms and the requirements of the State administration arising therefrom.

Overview of basic activities

  • Assessment of intent with generally applicable standards, regulatory and local regulations
  • Drafting the requirements list
  • Land and building management, building reporting
  • Securing of materials for change of construction before completion
  • Cooperation in the process of acceptance

Price Management

Key activities of the management project include price management of the project.

The Price calculation of the future plan will be applied from the project preparation stage, when we help the client to put his requirements into the real price framework.

Coordination with the architect and designer allows for price optimisation while retaining the original intent.

During the selection process, we help the client to set up an appropriate design of the contract terms and price management system during construction, including the structure of change sheets and the creation of bids. These tools enable the general contractor’s pricing to be checked, provide an overview of the price changes and continuously monitor compliance with the agreed price framework of the project.
During the construction phase, the task of price control is to carry out the control of invoicing, change sheets, applied additional costs and thus ensure the achievement of optimum quality in the specified time and respecting the client of the envisaged financial framework.

  • Cost plan
  • Cashflow
  • Price Optimisation
  • Payment plan
  • Cost report summary
  • Final accounts

Due diligence projects

Technical due diligence consists of technical assessments of existing structures and technologies of the building.

TDD is the process of inspection, inspection and analysis, during which the technical condition of the objects is ascertained and assessed before their sale or purchase.

Within the TDD, we assess:

  • Status of issued permits
  • Compliance of existing solutions with current technical standards
  • Technical status of the object
  • Lifetime of individual parts of an object
  • Current and future maintenance requirements
  • Potential risks

The aim is to assess the quality and correctness of the performance of individual parts of the work and to warn and potential risks, or to propose adjustments that will help to evaluate the building or reduce maintenance and energy costs.

Part of the Due diligence is also the draft budget of necessary repairs for putting the object in perfect condition and the design budget maintenance of the object

Investors technical supervision

This service is usually part of a package of project management Services due to a close follow-up to the PM. Continuous control and quality control of work performed is an essential part of the mechanism of securing the required utility and technical characteristics of the work.

The Technical supervision checks the design documentation especially from the viewpoint of the suitability of the materials used, the proposed technical solutions, details and technological procedures.

Another important concern is the registration of the detected defects and deviations from the approved documentation, deviations from the approved technological procedures and the fact that the responsible project manager notifies them.

The TDI supervises the elimination of defects and imperfections during the construction itself and subsequently in its final phase.


  • PD
  • Suitability of materials used
  • Performing work
  • Removing defects

Occupational safety and health

The OSH coordinator is to inform all contractors of the construction of safety risks and prevent accidents.

The Default risk management document for the construction site is a detailed OSH plan that describes the basic identification data of the building, the expected potential risks and the measures taken.

On The basis of regular checks, the coordinator proposes technical solutions and measures to ensure OSH.

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